As a result of the current global pandemic we were unable to host any live shows during 2020. However, we still wanted to make sure we were shouting about local talent. As such, our 'Introducing' series was born.
Announced in October 2020, we presented an open call-out for the best three minutes of culture around- looking to support Yorkshire creatives who wanted to share original scripts, music, poetry, comedy... anything!
After the difficult decision was made around selection, we have set to work on producing this series ready for you to enjoy. Each episode of the podcast pairs a piece of new work with a short interview with the artist behind it.
This series was made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of Red Ladder Theatre Company. We hope you enjoy:
In the first episode of the 'Introducing' podcast series we present Leeds based singer-songwriter Kinga K and her track 'Caged Bird'.
On the episode, following on from the track Kinga talks with Lily Craig about her creative process, covering writing songs in a pandemic, moving from Poland to Leeds and the Spice Girls.
In the second episode we present writer SJ Bradley and her monologue 'A Lockdown Surprise'. 
Following on from the piece, SJ talks with James Underwood about her writing; how she takes inspiration from influences as diverse as 'Take A Break' to Shakespeare, and the true stories behind her novel 'Guest'.
In our third episode we present writer Saeth Wheeler and their dark comedy 'Kirsty's Cottage Industries'
Following on from the piece, Saeth talks with Chris O'Connor about their approach to writing comedy, when the surreal becomes too surreal and how a trip to the Cotswolds inspired a piece about the dying art of murder.
In Episode 4 we showcase musician and storyteller Oliver Craig and his piece 'Elephants Once Lived In The Yorkshire Dales'. 
Oliver's track tells the true tale of an important archeological discovery in Yorkshire complete with an original soundtrack of his own composition. He then talks with Chris about his musical stylings, making the most of lockdown to explore locally and his talented contemporaries in Huddersfield.
In our fifth and final episode of our series we share Margaret Patrick's dramatic two-hander 'Train Journey'.
Margaret's piece takes us to her home of South Yorkshire, and in her conversation with James she talks about some of the places and stories that inspire her writing. Alongside talking about some of the important journeys she's made in her own life, and the value of a supportive network as a creative. 
Karen was one of a number of talented submitters who narrowly missed out on their script being produced by Arts at the Arms as part of our 'Introducing' series. However, Karen (and her team over at Orange Horse) were keen to see the piece realised and created a short film instead. This story of connection (and disconnection) between a mother and son explores their differing perspectives, as well as a deep affection, and was created during the restrictions of the last national lockdown (early 2021).
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